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Jeremy Cherfas

Would any pnut devs who speak Python be interested in bringing pnut more fully into the world of , by integrating with Instructions here

Jeremy Cherfas

The future of WithKnown

1 min read

The question "does @WithKnown have a future?" is cropping up increasingly frequently of late. And the "official" answer is that it most definitely does, look at all the activity on github, nothing has changed. And it's true, there has been a lot of activity and things are moving, if you go and look. But for someone just looking in and trying to decide whether to use the software, the lack of outward facing activity must be a bit off-putting.

Or maybe it isn't.

I have no idea.

All this was kicked back and forth on the WithKnown IRC channel yesterday, with -- alas -- no input (yet?) from the developers.

I'm going to continue trying to understand Known because right now it seems to me the best place to continue pursuing ideals.

Jeremy Cherfas

Pure voodoo. What did not work a couple of days ago works today. Exactly the same! So, Kudos to @dg01d and his plugin to syndicate from @withknown to pnut.

I wonder whether can talk to pnut.

Jeremy Cherfas

Replied to a post on :

Flight booked for @indiewebcamp Nürnberg. This is getting real.

Jeremy Cherfas

Jeremy Cherfas

This is a perfect use of, to listen to audio with a specific tag where I might not want to subscribe to a that only occasionally deals with that topic.

Jeremy Cherfas

Curbing my own disappointment with congrats to @fuchsiadunlop and @evankleiman and all other nominees.

Jeremy Cherfas

Pork safety in Vietnam: further evidence from @ILRI that eaters and officials worry about the wrong things

Jeremy Cherfas

And I say podcast discovery IS broken,

2 min read

Nick Quah's Hot Pod newsletter is a lode from which I occasionally extract a nugget. Today, in the wake of the latest Edison Report on podcast listening (in the US) he quotes a bloke from Audible who says:

To me, the fact that 40% of US adults have tried podcasting, yet only half of them listen regularly, that's astounding. Show me any other medium that has that gap. None. When people sample and don't habituate, it speaks to interest that isn't being met by the content that's available today. There either isn't enough variety of things for people to listen to —or there isn't enough of what they like to meet their appetite. With 350,000 podcasts, that seems like a strange thing to say, but the simple truth is that potential listeners aren't sticking with it — and there are only two potential reasons: not enough good stuff — or they simply can't find it. Solving this could go as far as doubling the audience for podcasting.

I wonder why "Eric Nuzum, Audible’s SVP of Original Content," even bothers to raise the straw man of not enough content. And why he does not raise the question that discovery and subscription are two sides of the same coin. Right now, neither discovery nor subscription is easy.

Nick Quah himself doesn't think discovery is a problem, and that's a problem for me. He says:

It has always occurred to me that discovery functions in the podcasting space along the same dynamics as the rest of the internet; there is simply so much stuff out there, and so the problem isn’t the discovering an experience in and of itself — it’s discovering a worthwhile or meaningful experience within a universe of deeply suboptimal experiences.

But to me that seems to miss the essential difference between audio and the other things on the internet.

It is hard to get audio at a glance. And the solution is not to make ever shorter bits of attention-grabbing audio. It is to find other ways to recommend and share audio in ways that make it easy to hear a piece, to sample a show and eventually, maybe, to subscribe.

Jeremy Cherfas

Where’s the romance in milking 300 sheep by hand, twice a day?