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A space for mostly short form stuff and responses to things I see elsewhere.




Jeremy Cherfas


Stupid 160 1/0/2

Not too hard

Jeremy Cherfas

Very disappointed that Lets Liberate Diversity @eclld does not offer any kind of feed from its website. I would much rather follow a feed than any other way.

Jeremy Cherfas


Stupid 159 2/1/2

Pure luck

Jeremy Cherfas


Stupid 158 2/1/2

Twice is coincidence ...

Jeremy Cherfas


Stupid 157 2/2/2

Another bad guess.

Jeremy Cherfas


Stupid 156 2/2/2

Bah! Rubbish performance today.

Jeremy Cherfas

Now for the third time, after checking out the dev branch, upgrading to PHP 8.1 and running composer.phar update, let us see whether we can post a new status update here.

Jeremy Cherfas


Stupid 155 1/1/2

OK, this is weird, but I find it hard to believe that yesterday's word and today's came up purely randomly.

Jeremy Cherfas

I try to make my site look good on mobile, but that isn’t my primary concern. Not too difficult with so many good responsive basic packages available.

Jeremy Cherfas


Stupid 154 2/1/2

Nearly missed this one.