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A space for mostly short form stuff and responses to things I see elsewhere.




Jeremy Cherfas

You are being redirected...

Splendid piece by a splendid broadcaster. Only one thing to push back against:

Music helps. Sound beds help. Clear simple writing helps.

Clear writing, obviously. But music and sound beds? This is much more culturally determined, in my view, and I don't know how best to cope with it.

Jeremy Cherfas

Regenesis: Feeding the World without Devouring the Planet by George Monbiot - review by Dan Saladino

“For Monbiot to highlight the complexity of soil but ignore the complexities involved in nutrition doesn’t make his faith in a protein techno-fix convincing.”

“It’s not clear, though, why a shift in attitudes won’t lead us to increase our intake of beans, nuts and lentils instead.”

Thank you Dan Saladino, especially for that final “Nevertheless ...”

Jeremy Cherfas

Subterranean Blogging

I dunno, maybe an underground garden (blog) isn’t such a bad idea. Maybe, in the scorching heat of social media we need a cooler, darker space for connections and discussion. Where things grow more slowly but still bear fruit 25 years later.

Makes sense to me

Jeremy Cherfas

Alternative epistemic agents for restaurant menus etc (Interconnected)

Very provocative, although I’m not sure I could cope.

Jeremy Cherfas

Infovore » This is your brain on wheels

Really interesting essay from Tom Armitage, about getting on his bike and getting on. The thrill of those first long rides takes me right back to my first London to Brighton and the sheer unalloyed joy of whooshing down into the town.

Jeremy Cherfas

w/e 2022-05-15 (Phil Gyford’s website)

“should you ever find yourself in a similar situation, I would advise finding a different situation”

Useful advice, in any situation.

Jeremy Cherfas

Goat Glands and Testicle Tans: How Fascists Exploit Male Insecurities – Political Orphans

“White people are Schrodinger’s Race, simultaneously a beautiful, master race of supreme vitality and a weak, declining, impotent force, forever sinking beneath a dusky wave.”

Jeremy Cherfas

Jeremy Cherfas

Jeremy Cherfas

[T]he simplest drop-in replacement for a feed is a “recently updated” list. Instead of a list of posts, have a list of users who have posted recently. This neatly solves both the problem of prolific posters drowning out quiet ones and the problem of decontextualization, while being simple and easy to understand.