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Jeremy Cherfas


rabbit_quest #geohashing 20240223-B-AY68O8

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Composite image with my location on the left and on the right the rabbit quest: a view across the road to a high yellow wall shielding a yellow apartment block. In the distance to the left a bicycle is chained to railings and behind it, parked cars, eucalyptus trees and another apartment block

* On foot
* 41.895401, 12.453739
* Friday 23 February, 2024
* 423.32 ppm CO2
* OpenStreetMap

NB: The bicycle quest was a lot closer than the walking quest, but it was still a good long walk of 7.5km round trip.

Also, while the quest itself was visually boring, it was very close to the Russian Orthodox church, which is less so.

Russian Orthodox Church of Rome, with four gilded domes topped by orthodox crosses