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Jeremy Cherfas


1 min read

Finally reached a key milestone in the deliverables of a big work-for-money, so was able to treat myself to an excellent video from the [IndieWebSummit 2017](

First up, for me, [Lillian Karabaic]( offering [A brief history of my website]( I noted a few things.

First, the video, audio and editing were top notch. Huge kudos to everyone who made this happen. They say content trumps technical quality, and it does, but when you're not fighting quality, the value of the content is so much more obvious.

Second, and much more important, Lillian's trajectory mirrors my own and, not surprisingly, I can relate strongly to everything she said -- good and bad -- about the . The help available is stellar, the documentation isn't great (I hope to work on that) and it is hard to evangelise.

So much left to do ...