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Jeremy Cherfas

A brief history of the “walking simulator,” gaming's most detested genre

As a non-gamer, I had no idea that this was even a thing. And some of these games are almost tempting. Found via Craig Mod's Ridgeline newsletter.

Jeremy Cherfas

Airlines and Airports – The Brooks Review

This one is really interesting, and had never occurred to me. Not that I have much choice when changing continents.


Simple rule, I’ve learned the hard way: 2 equal length legs of a journey are far better than one long leg and one short one. If the entire world is conspiring against you, and you cannot get a non-stop flight, pick the one with the most equal durations of flying times and try to get a 2 hour layover. That’s enough to pee, stretch, eat, and not stress if your incoming flight is delayed. Also: it’s always better to fly in and out of larger airports as there’s far better food options.

Jeremy Cherfas

Someone's a bit fed up

Essentially, the non-semantic web is a balkanised hellscape of competing open and proprietary metadata standards.

And I don't blame him one bit. Moreover, I'm increasingly fed up with the idea of modifying my website to do the work of undoing the Balkan megalomania.

Jeremy Cherfas

Scicomm; what is it good for? | Jeremy Cherfas

Just need to test a non webmention webmention