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Jeremy Cherfas

On Cash, in which a busker prompts Tim Bray to reassess his priorities

What hap­pened was, I was walk­ing through a train sta­tion on the way to work with the buds play­ing ran­dom­ly on shuf­fle and a knifeblade of Real Mu­sic came in from out­side so I had to pull them out of my ears, there was this young dude get­ting great elec­tric sound out of a tee­ny amp do­ing a slow take on Lit­tle Wing with a re­al­ly good voice: When I’m sad, she comes to me… plen­ty room be­tween the notes and lots of soul in them. He looked a lit­tle hard-pressed; I put my hand in my pock­et for some coin but there was no coin there be­cause I live on plas­tic these days and that busker went un­paid that morn­ing. Another rea­son for a thing I’m think­ing of: Go­ing back to cash.

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