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Jeremy Cherfas

Uses This / Jesse Kriss

Why should I be using mobile data to stream music to a $1000 phone when I can get an MP3 player for $26 that can hold 7000 songs on a micro SD card and has 80 hour battery life? The ethical and ecological impact of cheaply made products isn't so great, but I think it's at least worth being somewhat aware of the tradeoffs we're making.

So true. And the headphone can have a jack too, if that's what you want.

Jeremy Cherfas

A full test: how do show notes display in podcast apps?

If you care about anything apart from the audio of the podcasts you subscribe to, you may want to check that the app you use gets a good rating for how it displays show notes.

Jeremy Cherfas

The paradox that is the EU | Memex 1.1

All the old questions about representative democracy remain.

Jeremy Cherfas

TextEdit goes out of its way to destroy data

Like so many other standard tools in macOS, TextEdit is another festering sore on the rump of Apple’s engineering indolence.

Yikes. (Not that I ever actually use TextEdit to do anything.)

Jeremy Cherfas

The UX design case of closed captions for everyone

TFW when you realise you are not alone.

Jeremy Cherfas

All Podcasts Are Shows; Not All Shows Are Podcasts

As a side note, I think the $100 million in venture capital that Luminary raised is going to be $100 million flushed down a toilet.

The sooner the better, AFAIAC

Jeremy Cherfas

Extinction Rebellion, David Blunkett and Me

Very interesting and thoughtful read.  How one sanctimonious ex-MP  turned "a stereotypically diffident Englishman who hates getting in other people’s way and making an exhibition of myself" into a potentional eco-anarchist, although he also very sensibly denies that label, it being utter tosh.

Jeremy Cherfas

Mexican X-plainer: Balls, Nuts & Avocados

Because an article on Medium is obviously a lot more long-lived and citable than a Twitter thread, right?

Luckily, someone else is taking care of keeping it available.

Which is why I support The Internet Archive and not Medium.

Jeremy Cherfas

Hearsay Festival is the Coachella of creative audio

I don't know what Coachella is (well, not directly) but I do know that Hearsay is the business.

Jeremy Cherfas