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Jeremy Cherfas

Jeremy Cherfas

Podcasting's biggest mistake

I'm not sure I actually read about any biggest mistake, apart from maybe not being united, in the immensely parochial piece. But I can't disagree with this:

Podcasting didn’t start in control of the monied few and gradually become democratized. Podcasting started as a democracy, and now faces the incursion of the monied few.

And while I don't mind about the monied few taking over (well, not too much) I do mind that they are even called podcasts. They really are radio on demand, and we storied few shouldn't be judged by the same standards.

Jeremy Cherfas

Shells - The Dan MacKinlay family of variably-well-considered enterprises

I did switch to fish, once upon a time. But as I barely understood bash, that was probably a mistake. Anyway, I just want to endorse Dan's idea:

create shells cash, trash, theclash, and bangersandmash.

That is all.

Jeremy Cherfas

This morning Twitter Kissed Culture Hard on the Mouth | CultureBy – Grant McCracken

This feels to me like two separate posts, the second building on the first. And while the first fascinated me, as an outsider, the second, although undoubtedly important, was of much less interest. But if you are into culture, give it a try.

Jeremy Cherfas

Tim Harford — Article — Ten years of social media have left us all worse off

Last Christmas I vowed to spend less time on my smartphone. It worked — until a couple of months ago, when I started using Twitter much more. Why? I had something to sell. That seems wretchedly appropriate.

Yup, that seems right. Even when no money actually changes hands.

Jeremy Cherfas

Why can’t food scientists and nutritionists be friends?

For one thing, it's a lot easier to call yourself a "nutritionist". Then again, where do food scientists work except in industry, or training more food scientists?

Jeremy Cherfas

Jeremy Cherfas

Weeknotes 52 - 4 minutes a day — Nat Buckley

But seriously: why does it seem so weird to pay for a podcast, when I pay for music, films, TV etc?

And answer came there none.

Jeremy Cherfas

Adactio: Journal—Words I wrote in 2019

I’m pretty sure that I will also continue to refer to them as blog posts, not blogs. I may be the last holdout of this nomenclature in 2020. I never planned to die on this hill, but here we are.

No, @adactio, you are not alone.

Jeremy Cherfas

The smartphone tracking industry has been rumbled. When will we act?

John Naughton's view of the huge NYT investigation into smartphone tracking. And to people who moan that the NYT is complicit in enabling tracking, I say, sure, but that doesn't diminish the importance of the report.