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Jeremy Cherfas

If it's interesting, I'll listen, regardless of audio quality

2 min read

Ah, the old chestnut about audio quality of podcasts. So I'll give my standard answer. If what you're saying is interesting, audio quality is less important. Asymcar is my goto example for that. And if what you say is not interesting, no level of production value will make me listen longer.

In between is a grey area. So, specifically addressing Henrik's question, that microcast was perfectly OK, except that once we had dealt with the weather and the question, I had had enough. On all outdoor recording wind noise, handling noise and bumps are the most distressing to me because they are always a shock to my ears. But if I know it is going to be over in three minutes, I can survive.

I've recorded outdoors and walking along myself, almost always with either the built-in microphone on the earbuds or else with an external Zoom iQ-6. The Zoom is actually worse, because it is so much more sensitive to wind and handling. A few times, when I was doing Dog Days of Podcasting, I cheated and recorded while walking along only to shadow myself with a decent mic when I got home. That's fun because you get the spontaneity of unscripted speech with much better sound quality.