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Jeremy Cherfas

The good news is that -- the main channel for which I want both IRC and Slack -- should be OK as it uses the Slack API. Or so I am reliably informed ...

Jeremy Cherfas

The worst possible feedback: it works for me.

1 min read

One of the good things about WordPress is how flexible it seems on the surface, able to perform all sorts of wizardry. One of the bad things about WordPress is how that very flexibility often makes it extremely difficult to achieve any sort of wizardry. That seems particularly true of anything to do with the .

So I was surprised to learn that Aaron Davis was having difficulty implementing a ZenPress child theme

Surprised because I run with a ZenPress child theme and cannot recall any difficulties in setting that up. I think there may have been some issues with capitalisation of various names, but beyond that, I'm at a loss. I'd love to help -- but not sure how best to do that.

Maybe I should just share my child theme.

Jeremy Cherfas

@dgold if you are in IndieWeb IRC, can you figure out what just happened? Every one left in a hurry. Something about *.net *.split

Jeremy Cherfas

podTo aims to standardize podcast subscriptions

I want to make listening to or subscribing to a podcast as easy as sending an email. Or easier!

A very worthy goal, I don't doubt it. Sounds a bit like the universal Subscribe button that some people think is needed to get writing going again. 

In any event, I wish them much luck and will be attempting to keep an eye on podTo.

Jeremy Cherfas

About webmentions

2 min read

Webmentions are the glue that sticks all the bits in all the sites together.

That’s my one-liner about one of the core ideas about the , but it doesn’t actually tell you very much if you want to know how the glue works. I’ve kind of absorbed a moderately high-level abstraction over the past little while of playing with webmentions, but a friend asked for more:

Do you know of any diagrams that explain how this stuff works without all the … words that web communities seem to enjoy creating? I keep coming back to this topic every so often, and every time I return things just appear more complicated and broken than before …

I don’t think that last opinion is merited, but then I would say that. And right now I don’t have the time to write up my understanding. I’m pretty sure I saw something clear and to the point a little while back, but I’m blowed if I can find it now. So here are four pieces I have found.

These may not answer the question fully, but they are a start. And they might inspire me to write my own version, especially if I could have a synchronous discussion about it with my interlocuter.

Jeremy Cherfas

Nice to see Stacey De Polo set off on her exploration of things , but I find it hard to imagine that as of my reading, not one of her contacts on either Twitter or FB has reacted in any way. I guess some plugin work still needed. Which is part of the reason I am writing this reply.

Jeremy Cherfas

Why I cannot post bookmarks to Known automatically | Jeremy Cherfas

I've set out in as much detail as I can understand what is happening when I try to POST a Bookmark with a Description to WithKnown.

And to add insult to injury, I'm adding this Description by hand, so I can include a blockquote:

[I]f you try to POST anything other than the URL of the bookmark, it simply never appears. With the help of good IndieWeb people, especially zegnat and cweiske, we worked out what was happening.

Jeremy Cherfas

bookmark - IndieWeb

And a bit of description

Jeremy Cherfas

Jeremy Cherfas

Someone's a bit fed up

Essentially, the non-semantic web is a balkanised hellscape of competing open and proprietary metadata standards.

And I don't blame him one bit. Moreover, I'm increasingly fed up with the idea of modifying my website to do the work of undoing the Balkan megalomania.