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Jeremy Cherfas

The Decentralized Social Web

Terrific video of a talk on by Keith J. Grant, who kept remarkably cool during his live demos.

Jeremy Cherfas

Why Facebook is in a hole over data mining | John Naughton

One could, for example, imagine an honest business model – in which people paid an annual subscription for a service that did not rely on targeting people on the basis of the 98 data-points that the company holds on every user. All it would need is for Facebook users to fork out $20 a year for the pleasure of sharing LOLcats with one another.

What’s the likelihood of that happening? You know the answer. Which is why Zuck will continue to keep mum about the sordid reality underpinning his money machine.

Jeremy Cherfas

YouTube Demonetization: The Great Platform Problem

Interesting piece on "owning" your distribution channels. .

Now, here’s the thing I’ll tell you—if I was running this site on, say, Medium or Tumblr, it would not have buckled. But to me, I think that independence from platforms is a hugely important thing to have in 2017. If you can spin up the server yourself and figure out a way to cobble together funding, you may miss out on some of the perks of larger sites, but you call the shots. 

Jeremy Cherfas

Post Kinds Plugin for WordPress

Really super, fully comprehensive explanation that should make life easier for anyone wanting to make more use of WordPress in the IndieWeb.

Jeremy Cherfas

Reflections on Two Years of #Indieweb

Really good debriefing on two years of progress in the . I found this rather familiar:

While learning all of the requisite skills was challenging, the real struggle in joining the indieweb was piecing all the components together to hold a mental image in my head of what an indiewebsite should be. I spent a great deal of time trawling through the wiki and absorbing all of the ideas on disparate pages. At the time, there were many pages which would all have slightly different variations of the similar information.

There's still a ways to go, mind. When I did this reply to automatically, the title of the entry came though as "kongaloosh". I added the correct title by hand myself. The entry title is there, as `p-name` and I cannot tell whether the issue is at my end (WithKnown) or at Alex's end.


Jeremy Cherfas

The indieweb includes RSS and much more, but @davewiner is still resisting change.

> As is often the case, Dave is focused on RSS rather than the web per se.

Jeremy Cherfas

Jeremy Cherfas

The billionaire’s typewriter | Butterick’s Practical Typography

In among the firehose of suggestions to someone wanting to know "why " was this gem from Matthew Butterick, who sets out, at great but appropriate length, precisely what is wrong with Medium.

I've used his advice on Practical Typography before, on one of my sites; seeing it again, I think I need to spend some time making some more deliberate choices on the site I am currently gussying up.

Jeremy Cherfas

Implausible amounts of joy

I did a silly little thing in WordPress that made me inordinately happy and advanced my progress.

Jeremy Cherfas

Matt Mullenweg talking to James Altucher kinda sorta gets #indieweb

Not going to listen to the podcast; life is way too short for that. But a couple of quotes from My WordPress:

> “We’re trying to revitalize the independent web,” Matt Mullenweg said. He’s 33 now. “It’s not like these big sites are going anywhere. They’re fantastic. I use all of them, but you want balance. You need your own site that belongs to you… like your own home on the Internet.”

So, how about total indiewebness in the basic WordPress core and default theme?

> “Other sites provide space,” he said. “They provide distribution in exchange for owning all of your stuff. You can’t leave Facebook or Twitter and take all of your followers with you.”

> That’s why he recommends having your own website. It’s yours. Not Facebook’s. Not Business Insider’s or Huffington Post’s. It’s yours.

But no mention of which comes first? Does it even matter?