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Jeremy Cherfas

22 Brilliant at The Basics - Nicholas Bate

3. Make your own coffee. It's cheaper, it's better and it's therapeutic.
4. Make your own bread. See 3, except it's not cheaper.

Depends how you measure cost, obviously

h/t Matthew Lang

Jeremy Cherfas

‘Consider flour as flavour’: Bakers turn to whole grains to give their baked goods a boost

“Folks in the 60s and 70s didn’t know how to work with whole grains, and were getting super gritty and dense baked goods,” says Kaufmann. For many in the counterculture, eating these brick-like baked goods was an anti-authority act unto itself. “You were committed to the idealism behind baking whole wheat bread, even if that meant retraining your palate to enjoy it.”

Refusing my mother's wholewheat quiche was the anti-authority act here.