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A space for mostly short form stuff and responses to things I see elsewhere.




Jeremy Cherfas

TIL that there is such a thing as a non-food interpretation of 🌮

Jeremy Cherfas

A brief history of the “walking simulator,” gaming's most detested genre

As a non-gamer, I had no idea that this was even a thing. And some of these games are almost tempting. Found via Craig Mod's Ridgeline newsletter.

Jeremy Cherfas

Airlines and Airports – The Brooks Review

This one is really interesting, and had never occurred to me. Not that I have much choice when changing continents.


Simple rule, I’ve learned the hard way: 2 equal length legs of a journey are far better than one long leg and one short one. If the entire world is conspiring against you, and you cannot get a non-stop flight, pick the one with the most equal durations of flying times and try to get a 2 hour layover. That’s enough to pee, stretch, eat, and not stress if your incoming flight is delayed. Also: it’s always better to fly in and out of larger airports as there’s far better food options.

Jeremy Cherfas

Someone's a bit fed up

Essentially, the non-semantic web is a balkanised hellscape of competing open and proprietary metadata standards.

And I don't blame him one bit. Moreover, I'm increasingly fed up with the idea of modifying my website to do the work of undoing the Balkan megalomania.

Jeremy Cherfas

Lazymention sounds really interesting and potentially a welcome release from the Telegraph fandango. I do wonder, though, how it will play with my non-static but heavily cached Grav site.

Jeremy Cherfas

Scicomm; what is it good for? | Jeremy Cherfas

Just need to test a non webmention webmention